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eLearn Canada to launch online education programming for all!
by Admin Admin - Monday, 26 May 2008, 10:52 PM
eLearn Canada is about to launch its unique online multi-discpline education program offering that will be made available and affordable to global students.

Bookmark this page and check back a in a few months!


eLearn Canada Administrator

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The mission of eLearn Canada is to enhance and support excellence in life-long learning, discovery, and engagement for the improvement of the human condition around the world. Within a student-centered and collaborative environment, we provide innovative and traditional resources, technologies, and educational services specifically designed for online students. These content in these courses will only be of a very high quality and will provide the latest updates in the topics discussed.

In return for free registration access to all basic courses, you agree to receive special promotional offers from various vendors. Your information will never be resold or used for any other purpose.

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